Build a successful digital enterprise with HP Enterprise Services

A Holistic Approach to the Digital Enterprise

Digitisation is advancing today’s enterprises - whether that’s delivering a better experience for your customers, empowering your employees and constituents, or enabling greater innovation.
Find out how HP Enterprise Services can help you build a successful Digital Enterprise that aligns technology investments with business opportunities. Our strength is in delivering end-to-end solutions and expert services that make the technologies like cloud, analytics, mobility and security deliver results. This is what we call the "New Style of IT" for the "new style of business."

Secure Digital Business

  • Managing IT Risk: Trends in global information security

  • How to steal 60 million dollars in 60 seconds: Lessons from cybercriminals

  • HP Cybersecurity: Helping Prevent Cyber Attacks Worldwide

  • CRESTCon and IISP interview on Big Data and Security with Andrzej Kawalec

  • Rabobank International enabling customers to bank safe with HP

  • The inevitable threat to your share price

  • KPN focuses on Information Security with HP

  • Collaboration gives GE more dynamic, secure mobile workforce

Analytics & Data Management

  • How to Make the Most of Big Data Analytics

  • Best practices for analytics projects

  • Accelerate your journey to real time computing with HP

  • HP In Context Analytics - Boost user insight and productivity

  • Discover the power of big data to uncover innovation

  • HP Information Governance Services: Because you can’t keep everything forever

  • Brand Advocates - A Day in the Life

Workplace Mobility

  • Enterprise Mobility and BYOD in Action at Shell

  • Trends in Employee Mobility: How to ensure a successful mobile implementation

  • HP Mobile Enterprise of the Future

  • The Digital Health Service - Barnet Hospital Case Study

Digital CX

  • Delivering a Great Digital Customer Experience

  • Going Digital: How to develop technology to attract and retain digital customers

  • Digital Customer Experience – HP Partners point of view

  • Systems of Engagement: the future of Enterprise IT

  • Valentino: It's all about customer satisfaction

  • The World of User Experience Design

  • HP digital customer experience partner ecosystem

Enterprise Cloud

  • HP Helion: Built for the Future, but Ready Today

  • Why Your Organisation Should Turn to HP Helion Managed Private Cloud

  • Cloud Runs through Your Business with HP Helion

  • Organisational Implications for the Cloud: Is IT Ready?

  • Case Study Video: Learn how HP helped Seadrill Migrate to the Cloud

  • Make sense of the cloud - introduction


HP Enterprise Services can help you develop a holistic approach to protecting your company's core infrastructure, applications and sensitive data with solutions and services that expand your current security policies to encompass the new growth areas such as mobility and cloud.


What if you had information management and analytics capabilities enabling you to maximize the full power of information, and ultimately improve your customers’ experience and business results? HP Enterprise Services can help you effectively manage and extract value from your Big Data.


The consumerisation of IT has created a workplace mobility that enables your employees to be more productive, collaborative and customer-focused. Discover how new and innovative technologies can empower your workforce with the resources in this section.


Your customers, both businesses and consumers, want things faster, better, cheaper, and with a higher degree of service. If you can’t give it to them, someone else can. Fortunately, technology makes it easier for you to know what they want and deliver it. Differentiate your business through technology that enables best-in-class digital customer experience.


Cloud computing can help organisations respond quickly to user and market demands. Get insights into how HP Enterprise Services can enhance your journey to an enterprise cloud solution.